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The Cube Training Center provides players with professionally run development programs. we provide both on-ice and off-ice training components with additional emphasis on individual player development and team development programs.


whats new at the cube?

We're constantly staying on top of the trends & technology to further your youth/adult hockey development. Pass on through to check out new additions, video sessions, tech equipment and more!

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NEW!!! PRofessionally run goalie camps/clinics

Reflexes, Strength, Coordination and Timing……

These are a few of the successful attributes of goalies. Our goalie coaches have decades of combined expertise and will help your youth or seasoned goalie reach their full potential. Join one of the camps today!



3 Week advanced camp

Become stronger & faster in 3 weeks!

We’re excited to add another camp due to your feedback. Out 3 week elite power hockey camp is starting up in the first week in DECEMBER. this camp promises your youth hockey player to become faster, stronger, smarter and more confident with the high temple camps.

Limited availability. Hit the book now button to register



Join our USA national hockey team

The Cube Development Team, at every level, is dedicated to provide a solid foundation for youth hockey players to grow and develop. We push our players hard but ensure that every player is enjoying the 'journey'. After all hockey is the best sport on earth, so let's enjoy the ride. We compete in the USA National League and ORHL, playing the best of the best teams around the country and in Canada. This exposure requires travel, so our youth players get a taste of the 'true' travel leagues.



Our training process

 We evaluate the athletes and determine what their strengths and weaknesses are.  We then make sure that both we as coaches and the players understand where exactly they are as far as their development.  Emphasizing their strengths and working on their weaknesses, we set out with the goal of maximizing their potential giving them the best chance of playing at the highest level possible. 

Building a solid athletic foundation at a young age is the best way to create successful athletes.  By taking a long term development approach, we are able to improve speed, agility, coordination and create injury-resistant athletes.  The training is intense, but is done in a fun and engaging atmosphere that builds confidence and fosters important attributes like leadership, perseverance and work ethic.

 Clinics & Program Schedules

 New training programs and camps are updated weekly. Check back shortly or call us directly at 815-277-2267 for more information.


Team facility rental

Does your team need a place to train or need additional off ice training during the season? Well look no further we provide all training equipment and training aids, coaches, shooting lanes and ice for your team. Bring up to 25 of your players for each session and our trainers will cater to your specific needs. Take advantage of our state of the art training equipment and get the step over your opponents. Please contact us directly with your needs by filling out the contact form and a Cube representative will be in touch with you.



Private lessons provide a perfect setting to reinforce and further skills sets. Most athletes find another level of “play” when they’re isolated from their group programs. Their confidence grows, skills further, performance develops leaps and bounds. Our private lessons are available in 1 session up 5 days a week. 


individualized training programs

We offer 6-8 week dryland conditioning, agility & core development programs to 4-8 week on ice programs. Each player is unique so should each training plan. After enrollment in The Cube, each player will be evaluated & assessed on-ice and off-ice. Our trainers will provide a customized program for you and your player.


one timer pass

Not sure if you can commit to a program? No problem! We offer ‘One Timer’ or drop in passes so you can come in whenever you want. Purchase online or at the front desk and come in for the day or week, all at your convenience with no commitment. 


shooting lanes

Our facility houses 3 individual 35 foot shooting lanes, fully supported with super glide synthetic ice. All individual lanes consist of regulation size nets, net minders, radars and rebounders which are great for both individual and team practices. If you’re looking to shoot a few clappers or even get a few shots off, here’s your  tune up. Rent a bucket of pucks for 25 mins or up to 4 hours.


our clinics & programs overview


on ice training

We provide a high-intensity on-ice curriculum, implemented each day by our professional staff. Our on-ice training focuses on speed, intensity, puck movement, small area games, battles, and competitions.  In addition, we include individual skill development to better allow our athletes the ability to incorporate their individual skills into the overall development and game situations created during on-ice training.

  • Focus on all Hockey Skills
  • Skating Quickness, Speed, and Agility
  • Improve Players’ Ability to Play Smart and Hard in all kinds of Game-Like Situations
  • Hockey IQ and Game Concepts
  • Compete Drills

strength training

Our focus is on the development of hockey-specific strength and conditioning.  Training will focus on the proper technique and execution of the exercises and drills necessary to develop the athletes’ core muscle groups through the use of resistance training and conditioning.  The goal is to develop all eight fitness abilities that will take the athlete to the next level- endurance, strength, power, coordination, speed, agility, balance, and flexibility

  • Core Strength and Stability
  • Lower and Upper Body Muscular Strength and Endurance
  • Improve Power and Quickness on the Ice
  • Increase Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity
  • Exercises Specific to the On-Ice Demands of a Hockey Player

off-ice/dryland training

Our focus is on the development of hockey-specific skills and functional movement.  Training will focus on shooting strength, technique and accuracy, stickhandling, slideboard stride power and development, and first step quickness.  In addition to skills, developing the athlete’s awareness of their body in space as they grow through low-intensity, body-weighted, functional movement in association with the seven primal movement patterns; squat, lunge, push, pull, twist, bend, and gait.

  • Shooting (mechanics, accuracy, quick release, vision)
  • Stickhandling
  • Slideboards (form, stride strength, multi-tasking)
  • Functional Movement
  • Speed, Agility, and Quickness

Become a Member

More ice time, more skills training!



GOLD Membership

Members receive:

  • Unlimited facility access-use of training equipment

  • Enrollment in Agility/Stamina Program

  • Enrollment in Strength/Speed Program

  • Enrollment in Shooting/Passing Program

  • Free 2 Passes a week on the Shooting Lanes (25mins/each)

  • and more-visit membership page

(Paid Monthly)*

SILVER Membership

  • Unlimited facility access-use of training equipment

  • Enrollment in Agility/Stamina Program

  • Enrollment in Strength/Speed Program

  • Free 1 Passes a week on the Shooting Lanes (25mins/each)

  • and more-visit membership page

(Paid Monthly)*


Private Lessons



Individual Private Lessons

Is your athlete struggling to get over a certain area or just needs additional time? Our private lessons provide a setting that allow our trainers to focus on your youth athletes one on one and positively encourage them to get over that “hurdle”. All our individual private (semi private) lesson’s are modified for your youth athlete and athlete’s. If your athlete is currently in one our of programs we will modify the lessons to keep in pace with his/her program curriculum. 

For Pricing visit our Private Lessons Page

Team Private Lessons

Every Team Private Lesson’s are different depending on the needs of your team.  Talk to one of our coaches about what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen.  Whether you’re looking for speed, agility, conditioning, strength or team play emphasis. Team Lessons are the perfect option to help the entire team improve.